'Fine Art' Photography

'Fine Art Photography


Resizing Images

Resizing Method 1

  Re-sizing in Photoshop Elements (video)

Resizing Method 2

  Re-sizing in Photoshop (video)



Sharpening Techniques Sharpening_High_Pass_Filter

Selection Techniques in Photoshop

PS Tips - Selection Techniques PS Tips - Selecting Hair




Managing Colour

Image Capture

Post Processing


Refining Your Mono Images

Creating Mood in your Images

Adjustment Layers

Lightroom Club


Defringe Feature and Books Module

HSL Panel and Colour Grading

Adding a Watermark

HDR Images

Combining Masks in Lightroom

Panoramas in Lightroom

Select Sky in Lightroom

Back to Basics

Lightroom vs Photoshop



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