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An international organisation which awards patronages to international exhibitions held in it’s affiliated countries.


Unpicking the terms

MCPF - Midland Counties Photographic Federation, the umbrella organisation for photographic clubs in the Midland Region.   https://www.mcpf.co.uk/

PAGB – Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, the umbrella organisation for the regional federations.  http://www.thepagb.org.uk/

FIAP - International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique.


Midphot and Midphot Panels

Exhibitions hosted by the MCPF. Midphot is an excellent place to dip a toe in the water for entering exhibitions. It charges by the entry (currently 75p per image entered) There are several sections (colour, mono, nature) and 8 images mat be entered per section, both in print and DPIs . This exhibition is in February each year.

Midphot panels is a print only exhibition for panels and tryptichs. This is normally held in September.

MidphotAV is held in January each year.


BPE Exhibitions  http://www.britishphotographicexhibitions.org.uk/

BPE exhibitions are usually hosted at club level. 1 point is gained from each acceptance in the exhibition and the following are available:

BPE1 Crown Award - 25 points
BPE2 Crown Award - 50 points
BPE3 Crown Award - 100 points
BPE4 Crown Award - 200 points
BPE5 Crown Award - 300 points

The awards are free to apply for. All details, together with a list of exhibitions and their rules and closing dates, can be found on the website.

Currently David Venables has a BPE4*, Chris Mallett has a BPE3*, Jolanta has a BPE3*, Tim and Mick have a BPE2* and Sue has sufficient acceptances to apply for her BPE4*.

International Exhibitions (FIAP)

These exhibitions are on the FIAP websites. Acceptances count towards FIAP awards. The levels start at AFIP and continue through various EFIAP levels. For these awards, there are a minimum number of acceptances from a decreed different number of images and salons, and a decreed number of awards. All information is most easily found on the PAGB website.

Chris Mallett holds the EFIAP/b (bronze) award.


PAGB Distinctions – APMs

These are the awards for photographic merit. These are awarded by the PAGB. To achieve each level, a set of prints needs to be entered for the judging event, and a minimum number of points is set to achieve the award.

CPAGB   Credit

DPAGB    Distinction

MPAGB   Master

Information is available on the PAGB and MCPF websites, There is an MCPF council member to facilitate the entry

Dave Venables and Mick Schilling hold DPAGB, and Chris and Jolanta hold CPAGB.


Royal Photographic Society Distinctions

The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) offers three levels of distinction which set recognised standards of achievement throughout the world. The first is the Licentiate (LRPS), which requires a portfolio of images to reflect a wide range of skills as a photographer. Next, is the Associate (ARPS), which requires a body of work demonstrating a very high standard of photography, accompanied by a written statement of intent. The Fellowship (FRPS) is the highest distinction and requires a distinguished photographic and creative standard, accompanied by a statement of intent.

Currently Phil Moorhouse holds the distinction of LRPS.


Other Events

Other events require a club entry. In this case the selection committee will select the entry on behalf of the club. After each club competition they select the best images to be collated for the selection committee meeting

Photofolio is an MCPF event and the GB cup and Trophy are national competitions.

The MCPF knockout enables clubs to be selected for the national final of the club championships. This event takes place annually in April, normally in Leicester.


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