President's Set Assignment


Thursday 16th November 2023


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Each year, the President chooses the theme for the Set Assignment. This year's President, Phil Moorhouse, has set the theme of 'Straight Lines'. Any interpretation is acceptable, with the only rule being that the shutter must have been pressed in the year after the announcement of the theme.

Next season's President, Martin Thompson, has set the theme of 'Connections' for November 2024.


Phil Moorhouse LRPS



Group 1

Group 2

Group 3


Leaf Lines

Elizabeth Smith

One Step at a Time

Kevin Watts

Linking Straight Bits *

Mick Schilling


Yoga in Palma

Georgina Foxwell

Stepping Out

Chris Lee

Collecting Water

Sue Pearmain


Straight Lines

Myles Ensor

Reflections of Power

Chris Lee

Pavement Reflections

Sue Pearmain

Highly Commended

Beaumaris Pier

Myles Ensor

Duxford 2023 Acrobatic Display

Patrick Reynolds

Into the Sea

David Steele



No Need to FretDave Cornish


Hazel Lane

The Winter Pier

Jenny Ladbrooke



Paignton Boardwalk

Ann Ashford

Mr Moorhouse's PunishmentJeanette Strange

Leaderfoot Viaduct

Jane Roby





Latest LinesTony Dyson

The Beach Huts

Jenny Ladbrooke






Jane Roby


Cycling by the Aqueduct

Georgina Foxwell

End of the Pier

Tony Dyson

Towering Heights

Jolanta B Axon



Mancunian Tram Lines

Mike Goodwin

Cross-Country Ski Tracks

Chris Lee

The Porcelain

Mick Schilling



Straight as a Red Arrow

Mike McShane

Incoming Tide Through RailingsHazel Lane

Limoge Cathedral

Sue Pearmain






The Bar Code of Life

Tim Hutchin

 * Linking Straight Bits by Mick Schilling is the winner of the Mobley Trophy