27th October 2022


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A landscape should represent the pictorial aspect of an expanse of scenery that can be seen in a single view. It may be a countryside, sea or town scene.  

People may be included but should be a small part of the image and not the subject. Only a single image should be used (except for stitching) with minimal manipulation.


Rob Ings



  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
First Place: River Scene Mick O'Malley Global Warming Hazel Lane Autumnal Inversion Jenny Ladbrooke

Second Place:

Can You See It? Michael Prince Arches Kevin Watts Autumn at Rydal Water Jolanta B Axon

Third Place:

Hartland Point Lighthouse Michael Prince Barga at Twilight Kevin Watts Blue Anchor ICM

Mick Schilling

Highly Commended:

Half Mile Lake Rosie Thompson Alpine Hikers Chris Lee Colle Santa Lucia David Steele


    Llyn Peninsula Chris Lee Passo Giau Dolomites David Steele
          The Rain Lashed Cuilins Jenny Ladbrooke


Montenegro Mountains Rosie Thompson Steel Rigg Dave Ward Tioga Pass Dave Venables
      Ripples in the Water Hazel Lane

To the Lake Beyond

Jolanta B Axon

Slapton Sands

Tony Dyson

Thingvellir Mick Schilling