19th January 2023


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This is wide open to imagination, as long as there is at least one person in the image, it qualifies. It can be one person or a group of people, they can fill the frame, or only be a fraction of the image. Images can be colour or mono, and there are no restrictions on manipulation. The only restriction for this competition, is that there must be a person somewhere in the image.


Peter Gennard MFIAP, EFIAP/d2


  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
First Place: Masai Mothers Meeting Helen Dufficy Taking a Peek around the Door Kevin Watts The Waif Jenny Ladbrooke

Second Place:

Out for a Ride Mike Goodwin Mountain Bikers Chris Lee His Childhood Memories

Mick Schilling

Third Place:

On a Quieter Note Mick O'Malley

2-0 to England! Mama Mia!

Kevin Watts The Bond Mick Schilling

Highly Commended:

I'm Missing the Sunset But.... Mick O'Malley Where are You? Chris Lee The Major Jolanta B Axon


        Boy in Green Jolanta B Axon


    Far From Home   Tony Dyson Printer and Assistant David Venables
          Alongsides Sue Pearmain
          Lady from Tallinn

David Venables