Monday 23rd January 2023


     Resizing Images Method 1 (Notes)

     Resizing Images 2 Method 2 (Notes)


 Resizing Images In Photoshop Elements (Video)

 Resizing Images In Photoshop CC (Video)


 Monday 22nd November 2021


        Workshop 3: Image Output (Notes)


 Workshop 3: Image Output (Video)


Monday 8th November 2021


        Workshop 2: Post-Processing (Notes)


 Workshop 2: Post-Processing (Video)


Monday 25th October 2021


        Workshop 1: Image Capture (Notes)


 Workshop 1: Image Capture (Video)


Monday 2nd August 2021


       Understanding Flash Photography (video)



Thursday 29th July 2021


       More Creative Photography Ideas (Phil Moorhouse)


  My American Trip (by Dave Venables)


Monday 5th July 2021


       Creating Mood in Your Images (Notes)


  Creating Mood (recording)


Monday 8th February 2021


  Use of Adjustment Layers (recording)

  Refining your Mono Images (recording)

  Use of Adjustment Layers (Notes)


   Refining your Mono Images (Notes)


Monday 7th December 2020


  Compositional Techniques & Sharpening (recording)

  Sharpening Techniques

  Composition Notes


  High Pass Sharpening Techniques

 Monday 2nd November 2020


  Optimising Colour (by Bob Breach) (recording)

  Panels (recording)

  Managing Colour Notes



 Monday 5th October 2020


  Image Output

  Photoshop Selection Tools Part 1

  Resizing Images (Method 1)

  Photoshop Selection Tools Part 2 

  Resizing Images (Method 2) 






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