6th April

Maundy Thursday - No Meeting in the Hall

Zoom meeting - TBC

13th April

President's Evening Jenny Ladbrooke


14th April

Awards Dinner Fulford Heath Golf Club


20th April

Annual General Meeting


2nd March

Annual Projected Image Competition Judge: Phil Cooling FRPS

(Deadline: Annual Print Competition, 3 prints)


9th March

A Feeling of ImpressionsSteven Le Prevost

Steven is based in Guernsey. His goal is to create a picture that portrays mood, atmosphere and emotion, but with the occasional element of surrealism and impressionism. This presentation will concentrate on three genres: still life, nautical and character studies.

Digital Art | Steven Le Prevost


16th March

Annual Print Competition - Judge: David Gibbons ARPS APAB EFIAP/b BPE5*

(Deadline: Creative Competition & AV Competition, up to 3 creative images, 1 AV)


16th March (Friday)

Interclub Competition - Judge: Rob Ings

Our annual interclub competition, where Shirley, South Birmingham PS and Knowle CC compete for the Warwickshire Plaque.  This year's host is South Birmingham Photographic Society.


23rd March

Taking It to the Streets - Charles Ashton FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE4*

Dr Ashton has worked within the NHS for over 40 years and is moving into retirement. From camera club newbie to award winning photographer in 6 years, Charles has an interest in Street, Travel and Documentary Photography. 



30th March

Creative / Audio  Visual Competitions - Judge: The Audience

An entertaining evening of two halves. First, our fun Creative Competition where anything goes, followed by a chance to vote for your favourite AVs.


5th January

'Straight out of the Camera' Competition - Judge: Steve Clifford LRPS

A new competition, where the aim is to get it right in-camera. So, no tinkering around in Photoshop (or similar) no cropping, no removing distractions, etc. Please just use your editor to re-size to the normal image size of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

(Deadline: People Competition - 2 prints and 2 digital images)


12th January

North - Deborah and Duncan Armour DPAGB

We have been South with Deborah and Duncan, and stopped off in Africa on our way North for this presentation - Travels in Northern Climes, looking for landscapes and Wildlife. This presentation covers more than 20 years of photography and describes the frustrations and challenges of photographing locations in Scotland, Alaska, Spitzbergen and Lofoten.



19th January

People Competition -  Judge: Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/d2

(Deadline: Mono Competition - 2 prints and 2 digital images)


26th January 

London Light, London Life - Chris Shepherd

Can you become an expert photographer in your lunch hour? Many years ago Chris set about the task of improving his photography by practising every lunch hour. Working in central London provided many opportunities to capture interesting images of the places and the people of London. Chris is Chairman of H2 Photography Group in Harlow.



2nd February

Mono Competition - Judge: Bob Goode LRPS EFIAP/b BPE2*

A welcome return visit to Bob, who is a member of Stourport Camera Club

(Deadline: Natural History Competition, 2 prints and 2 digital images) 


9th February

And Now for Something Completely Different - Dr David Saddler ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/g BPE4* LBIPP

An irreverent review of my own photographic journey, warts and all. Lots of fisheye selfies, skateboarding, street and travel photography. I think photography should be fun! I include some quite daring club competition entries and my distinction panels. I also take a few good-natured snipes at Club photography in general, and judges in particular. This talk has proved popular and entertaining throughout Scotland and all over the UK during lockdown.

16th February

Natural History CompetitionJudge: Ralph Snook ARPS DPAGB EFIAP/s

Ralph is a well-travelled wildlife photographer who is a member of Bristol Camera Club. 

(Deadline: Annual Projected Image Competition, 3 images)


23rd February

Wildlife Photography Part 3 - Tracey Lund, FMPA FBIPP ARPS ANPS ASINWP CPAGB AFIAP QPSA BPE1*

A return visit for Tracey, who will be presenting images from her travels around the Falkland Islands, with recollections of her experiences along the way.



1st December

An Insight into my Photography - Paul Hassell FRPS MPAGB FBPE FIPF

Paul is a member of Smethwick Photographic Society, and started club photography 10 years ago and competes regularly in national and international competitions. He talks about the early years and his mindset to start competing at the highest levels. 


8th December

Panels Competition Judge: John Haines

A welcome return to John, to judge our Panels Competition, both prints and digitals.

(Deadline: Christmas Knockout, 50p per image)


15th December

Landscape - It's all about the Light - Colin Ross ARPS AIPF

Colin lives in Northern Island and describes himself as a Fine Art Landscape Photographer, but his work covers many different genres.



22nd December

Christmas Knockout 

The return of our 'just for fun' fund-raiser, where the audience acts as the judge. Two images are projected at once, and the audience must choose their favourite 'Left' or 'Right' ('Door' or 'Window' for those who prefer). Each round we whittle down the entries until we reach our final few when we choose our winner. Just-for-fun, so remember entries do not count as one of your formal entries of the season.

(Deadline: 'Straight out of the Camera' Competition, 3 images)