18th November 2021


Up to 3 digital images on the theme 'Shapes'


Each year the President sets the theme for the Set Assignment. This year Mick has chosen for us the theme of 'Shapes'. Traditionally, entries to the President's Assignment would have been shot during the year prior to the competition date, although this year, with current Covid-19 restrictions, we have relaxed that rule.

Note: The theme for 2022 is ‘'Anything conveying Emotion or Mood'. Anything goes, but the shutter must have been pressed during the year following the announcement of the President's Theme.


Our President, Mick Schilling CPAGB


  Prints Digitals
First Place: Pavement and Steps * Dave Venables Thinking Outside the Box Jolanta B Axon

Second Place:

Designer Outlet Graham Walton Wrong Hole Aileen Nock

Third Place:

Cuboids and Prisms David Steele Pyramint Chris Lee

Highly Commended:

Lamp Silhouette Chanardaye Walton Peppers Together Graham Walton


Shapes in the Sky Chris Lee The Red Tablecloth Chris Mallett

Grain Shapes

Chanardaye Walton


Gaudi Ceiling

Chris Lee


Nature's Shapes

John Leighton


Roof -Circles of Support Michael Prince Chimney Pots Heather Thompson
  Shine and Shadows Graham Walton Packed in Like .... Phil Moorhouse
      Landscape in the Wood Chris Johnson
      Spherical Objects

Roy Buckle

      Urban Pollution

Jenny Ladbrooke

      Mr Selfridge

Tony Dyson

      Studio Shapes

John Leighton


Tim Hutchin

      Titanic Museum Tiles

Heather Thompson

      Nearly Done

Aileen Nock


 * Winner of the trophy for the Best Themed Picture of the night