29th September 2022


3 images


Up to 3 digital images, any theme, any subject, colour or mono.


Colin Walls, CPAGB


  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
First Place: Canoeist Mick O'Malley Cheetah Chris Johnson Frozen Rose Jenny Ladbrooke

Second Place:

Suitcase Handle Mick O'Malley Confetti Field Richard Postill Pomegranates and Grapes Jolanta B. Axon

Third Place:

Genevieve, Boggle and Patch Mike Goodwin French Alps Sunset Chris Lee

Great Grey Owl Coming into Land

Jane Storer

Highly Commended:

The Sink Elizabeth Smith Lion Chris Johnson Solitude Mick Schilling


    View of Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn Chris Lee

Her Favourite

Jenny Ladbrooke


Blackberry Blossom

John Leighton Bembridge Lifeboat Station Tony Dyson

Inventive Lampshades

Mick Schilling



Roger Cooper

The Poser

Heather Thompson

Close Encounter Val Manning



Over the Top

Tony Dyson Red Panda, Up Close and Personal Jane Storer

Owlet on the Window Ledge

Chris Mallett