2nd February 2023


2 Prints


Up to 2 images, any theme, any subject, must be monochrome. Monochrome includes only those photographs presented in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour, so a sepia-toned image, for example, presented in varying tones of brown or orange, would be acceptable. 'Colour-popping' would not be  acceptable.


Bob Goode



  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
First Place: Beach Peddler Mick O'Malley Bull Elephant Kevin Watts Mother and Child* Jolanta B Axon

Second Place:

A Far Away Look  Graham Newman One for the Road Dave Ward  Alongsides Sue Pearmain 

Third Place:

Feeding Magpie Graham Newman  Swans and Cygnets Tony Dyson  Zebra Submisson Jenny Ladbrooke

Highly Commended:

Dubai Dusk  Mick O'Malley New York Skyline Chris Lee Reaching for the Light  Jenny Ladbrooke


Marianne David Stocks Arches Kevin Watts  It's a Secret Chris Mallett
  A Frosty Packwood Michael Prince     Fences on the Dunes Chris Mallett


  *  Winner of the Trophy for the Best Mono Print