12th August 2021


3 digital images 


Any theme, any format, monochrome or colour, just-for-fun, so entries can be used in the forthcoming season.


Peter Young


  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
First Place: Spring Daffodil Rosie Thompson The Mist Dave Ward Misty Earlswood Lakes * Jolanta B Axon

Second Place:

I Have a Dream Mick O'Malley The Quarryman's Cottage Jenny Ladbrooke Bridge in the Woods Dave Venables

Third Place:

Heron in Flight Mick O'Mallley Giraffe Silhouette Jan Cochrane

Flowing Water

Dave Venables

Highly Commended:

Red Berries Rosie Thompson Penny For Them Hazel Lane Killer Whales Jane Storer
  Lakeland Vista Mick O'Malley The Sunflower Patrick Reynolds The Mallard Family  Jolanta B Axon


Lake Bohinj

Kevin Watts Banded Demoiselle on Reed Dave Ward

Marmalade Hover Fly on Thistle

Phil Moorhouse


Belsay Hall Northumberland

Michael Prince

MGB Roadster

Patrick Reynolds

Joe, Jake and Jack in the Box Jolanta B Axon

Rural Architecture

Elizabeth Smith

Bahrain Grand Mosque Chandelier

Heather Thompson

The Old Mill Mick Schilling
  Power to the Lighthouse Michael Prince    

A Father's Love

Sue Pearmain


 * Awarded the Best-of-the-Night