25th March 2021


3 digital images


Any subject, any theme, mono or colour


Steve Clifford CPAGB BPE3* AFIAP


  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
First Place: White Tulips

Jenny Ladbrooke

Theo Jolanta B Axon Denthead Rain Mick Schilling

Second Place:

Wouldn't Cut Melted Butter! Aileen Nock Twilight on the Pier Jeannette Strange This One Fits! Phil Moorhouse

Third Place:

Coastal Defence Elizabeth Smith Wash Time Jolanta B Axon Woodpecker Jane Roby

Highly Commended:

Eagle Owl Guarding his Meal

Graham Newman

Chilly  Hazel Lane Night Time in the Souk Sue Pearmain


The Eyes Have It!

Graham Newman

Young Deer, Play Fighting Dave Ward Supper Time Sue Pearmain
          Trees in the Snow Chris Mallett


Castle Lednice Kevin Watts On the Sands

Jeannette Strange

Polar Bear Relaxing Chris Mallett
  Clevedon Pier

Elizabeth Smith

Durnstein Ray Manning Girl on Bench

Jane Roby

  Chinese Fisherman Kevin Watts Sisters Behind the Voile Jolanta B Axon

Puffin Returning to Feed Young

Sue Pearmain
  Spring Blossom John Leighton Hard Times Dave Ward

Back from Work

Chris Mallett