5th January

'Straight out of the Camera' Competition - Judge: Steve Clifford LRPS

A new competition, where the aim is to get it right in-camera. So, no tinkering around in Photoshop (or similar) no cropping, no removing distractions, etc. Please just use your editor to re-size to the normal image size of 1600 x 1200 pixels.

(Deadline: People Competition - 2 prints and 2 digital images)


12th January

North - Deborah and Duncan Armour DPAGB

We have been South with Deborah and Duncan, and stopped off in Africa on our way North for this presentation - Travels in Northern Climes, looking for landscapes and Wildlife. This presentation covers more than 20 years of photography and describes the frustrations and challenges of photographing locations in Scotland, Alaska, Spitzbergen and Lofoten.



19th January

People Competition -  Judge: Peter Gennard MFIAP EFIAP/d2

(Deadline: Mono Competition - 2 prints and 2 digital images)


26th January 

London Light, London Life - Chris Shepherd

Can you become an expert photographer in your lunch hour? Many years ago Chris set about the task of improving his photography by practising every lunch hour. Working in central London provided many opportunities to capture interesting images of the places and the people of London. Chris is Chairman of H2 Photography Group in Harlow.