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Bebington Salon

Exhibition Date

14th February 2017

Venue Lower Bebington Methodist Church, Bromborough Road, Bebington, Wirral
Exhibition Type National BPE
Entry Closing Date

23rd November 2016

Selectors John Cartlidge,APAGB,EFIAP/p,BPE5*,Erica Oram,AFIAP,CPAGB,BPE2*, Ian Whiston,DPAGB,BPE3*
Entry description Landscape Digital, Colour Digital, Nature Digital, Mono Digital, Creative Digital. Maximum of 4 in each section
Cost £10.00 for one section, £13.00 for two sections, £16 for 3 sections, £19 for four sections, £21 for five sections

Acceptances 2012

Donald Mallett 1 Mono Digital
David Venables 3 Landscapes
Sue Pearmain 4 Acceptances
Christine Mallett 2 Nature Digital

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