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Natural History

Competition Date

24th October 2019

Entry Closing Date  
Maximum Entry Up to 4  (max 2 digital images and max 2 prints) Please number entries with regard to priority, in case the number needs to be reduced

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Prints Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st Chameleon - Rosie Thompson Kingfisher - Martin Thompson Banded Demoiselle on Campion  - Mick Schilling
2nd Long Eared Owl  - Chris Johnson Giraffe Silhouette - Jan Cochrane Alert Red Squirrel - Christine Mallett
3rd Otter - Chris Johnson  Polecats - Martin Thompson Greater Kestrel at Sunset - Chris Mallett
Highly commended

Fly to  the Woody Bracket Mushroom - Michael Prince

Fallow Deer - Jolanta B Axon

 Female Bullfinch - David Ward

Black Swan - Roy Buckle

Bombus - Phil Moorhouse


Catkins - Aileen Nock

Humpback Whale Pectoral Fin

North American Red Squirrel - Myles Ensor

 Cheetah - Heather Thompson

Woodlouse - Tim Hutchin

Gray Langur Monkey - David Steele


Digital Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st Resting Cheetahs - Jenny Ladbrooke Puffins - Dave Ward Hump Back Whale - Fluking
2nd Blackthorn Blossom - Tony Dyson Lilac Breasted Roller in Flight - Jan Cochrane Mayfly - Mick Schilling
3rd Spooked Zebra - Jenny Ladbrooke Female Mallard - Patrick Reynolds Fox - Sue Pearmain
Highly commended

Grey Squirrel - Jolanta B Axon

Giraffe Portrait - Rosie Thompson

Canada Goslings - Tony Dyson

Emerald Swallowtail - Ray Manning

Tufted Duck - David Steele

Zebra Landing - Christine Mallett

Male Agama Lizard - Jane Storer


Cheetah Looking Out - Anna Ladbrooke

Family of Ducklings Asleep - Georgina Foxwell

 Great Crowned Crane - Fay Venables

Bullfinch - David Venables

Tidal Erosion - Mick Schilling

Gannett Attempting to Steal Catch - Sue Pearmain

Another creation by Black Rabbit Creations