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Competition Date  1st February 2018
Entry Closing Date  
Maximum Entry 2 prints and / or digital

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Print Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st  Gone but not forgotten - Michael Prince  Reeds and Ripples - Michael Cooper

 Elephant Tussle - Sue Pearmain


 A Gaggle of Geeks - Tony Dyson

 Not Mushroom - David Steele  White Rose - David Venables
3rd  How Much Longer? - Richard Goulding

 Musn’t Grumble - Michael Cooper

 Escalators - David Venables
Highly commended


   A Helping Hand - Sue Pearmain
Commended  On the run - Tony Dyson

 Trees a crowd - David Steele

 Oozells Square - Mick Schilling


Digital Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1st Posing Feline - Jolanta Axon Smooth Waters - David Steele

Wind Blown - Tim Hutchin


Bahram always wins - Tony Dyson

Morton Bagot Church - Michael Cooper Fly me to the Moon - Phil Moorhouse
3rd Guarding Osborne House - Tony Dyson

Fidgety Feet - Helen Edkins

The Stare - Sue Pearmain
Highly Commended

 Frozen - Hazel Lane

 Flour Mill - Martin Thompson  By Hand - Mick Schilling
Commended  Im waiting for some toast - Graham Williams

 Butterfly on Daisy - Jan Cochrane

 Sunlit Chair - David Venables

Fun at the Fair - Roy Buckle 

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